2023-06-19 Emacs Subed mode can now display waveforms

As I have mentioned here quite a few times, one of my hobbies is translating subtitles. One feature I missed a bit in Emacs Subed mode was displaying waveforms, so that I could position the startstop timestamps of a subtitle visually/ with respect to the moments the characters started or stopped talking. I imagined adding that would be quite difficult, but it turned out that generating waveforms is pretty easy with ffmpeg, and Sacha Chua already did a very similar thing. So I set out to marry waveform.el with subed-mode. After some time spent hacking on this and a few email exchanges with Sacha, who added a few features of her own (thanks, Sacha!), I am very happy to say that this is now integrated into Subed mode (as subed-waveform-minor-mode)!


The green and red bars correspond to the start/stop timestamps, and the yellow bar corresponds to the current frame in mpv. (And yes, it is moving when you start playing in mpv, which might not be very useful, but it’s so cool!)

Editing subtitles in Emacs is even better now!

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