2023-06-26 My plans for 2023 - June update

Hello, dear readers! Another two months have passed since the last update, so here is another one. (You can see the previous ones here, here and here.)

  1. Still no progress with the Elisp book – sorry for that. I can only do so much… It waits patiently in the queue, and will be dealt with finally.
  2. The semi-secret project is what I work the most right now. I reviewed the available technical choices for writing a blog in Emacs and putting it out on the Internet. One thing that was recommended to me by more than one person was Hugo. I played with it for a bit, skimmed through the docs, looked at existing themes… and decided against it. While I think Hugo is certainly great, I want something simpler I can have a full control over. One of the goals of that new blog is to show what web could look like (and a bit what it did look like two decades ago). (In fact, time travel will be one of the topics discussed there, so I consider it quite fitting to have design invoking some early 2000s nostalgia;-)…) While there won’t be any guest book, there won’t be any cookies, either! Just a bunch of static HTML files with a sprinkling of CSS and (non-minified) JS – all there for anyone to see that nothing nefarious is being done behind the scenes, and hopefully loading blazingly fast.
    That means, however, that I need to write a blog engine first. This is exactly what I’m doing right now, and I have to say that I’m having a blast! Of course, I will announce it here when it’s ready to use (even before it’s feature-complete). The main design goal is to have one Org mode file which will allow to generate the whole site with one command. It’s possible there will be a few customization options, but either all or at least the vast majority of things will be set up via that Org mode file. For example, named HTML source blocks will act as templates. Stay tuned!
    By the way, this also means that the day when this blog will start to get updates less frequently is also coming pretty fast. Sorry if that disappoints you, but it is what it is. I’ve been blogging here regularly once a week for almost 9 years now, and I still plan to blog once per week, but starting in July that constant velocity will be shared between two blogs.
  3. My new book is basically done. Since there was no demand for it at all, I decided to finish it a bit earlier (as hinted last time). As for the book about web extensions, I am going to start working on it after the secret blog starts out.
  4. The project I mentioned last time is also gaining speed (though still slowly for now), so nothing to share here yet.

And that’s it for today. As you can see, things are moving (even if a bit slowly) – please, do be patient, I have quite a few things going on. Expect another update like this in two months’ time.

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